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Application of Bottle Blower in Plastic Bottle Production

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People use a variety of plastic products and equipment in life, especially plastic bottles, which not only has good performance characteristics, but also is very convenient to use. Compared with glass bottles, they are not only light in weight, small in size, but also not broken. Therefore, they are widely used and very useful in life or other fields. Most of these plastic bottles are blown by a bottle blower. Bottle blowing machine is mainly a device for making plastic particles into hollow containers by blowing process. Therefore, it is not only simple to use, easy to operate, but also saves more time. The technological process of producing plastic bottles by bottle blowing machine is as follows:
1. Firstly, irradiating the bottle blank through the infrared high temperature lamp tube can make the bottle blank better, but the bottle blank mouth does not need heating, so that the shape of the bottle mouth can be better maintained, and a certain cooling device can also be used to cool the bottle.
2. Once again, the pre-heated bottle blank is put into the blown mould which has been made, and then it is inflated under high pressure. In this way, the bottle blank can be blown and drawn into various shapes of bottles that people need to meet people's needs.
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